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Important update to our travel insurance coverage


Emergency medical expenses will be covered for destinations under level 3 alerts


Since the beginning of Covid-19 crisis, we introduced several emergency relief measures to help ensure the safety and well being of plan members and their families. One of these measures was to cover medical expenses for people travelling outside Canada, even though the Government of Canada had issued a travel alert on March 13, 2020 advising Canadians to avoid non-essential travel outside the country.


The pandemic continues to evolve but, once it is over, it will likely have a long-lasting effect on the way we travel. Therefore, to better support plan members and their families in this new context, we have decided to adopt the relief measure indefinitely for all our travel insurance contracts, effective immediately.


What this means of our travel insurance plans

If the Government issues a level 3 for the country or region visited – Avoid non-essential travel advisory:
  • We will cover all eligible medical expenses, included those related to COVID-19, regardless whether a plan member books the trip before of after the alert has been issued.
If the Government issues a level 4 for the country or region visited – Avoid all travel advisory:
  • We will not cover medical expenses for trips with departures after the notice was issued
  • If a plan member is already in a region when a level 4 advisory is issued, we will cover their eligible medical expenses, but they must leave as soon as possible.


Am I covered by the travel cancellation insurance of my FMSQ insurance plan?

  • You are not covered for trip cancellation du to the coronavirus (COVID-19). You are still covered if you or your dependants are unable to travel due to an accident or an illness other than COVID-19 or because of the passing of an immediate family member.
  • You are not covered if you or one of your dependants are denied boarding whether it is for the outward or the return flight, regardless of the reason.

The health and safety of our plan members is important to us, therefore we strongly recommend that members check the Government of Canada’s travel advisory website before booking their trips and again before they leave. Even if they are covered for eligible medical expenses, it may not be easy to get medical care in destinations where travel advisories are in effect.