Medical specialist - Drug, health and travel insurance medical care abroad cancellation/interruption and repatriation

You are considering travelling abroad and you are eagerly waiting the reopening of borders with certain countries?


This is what you must know regarding your travel and travel cancellation coverage in order to make an informed decision.


Travel insurance – medical care abroad

Am I covered by the travel insurance of my FMSQ insurance plan for emergency medical care if I visit a country where the coronavirus has been detected?

For our clients who have option 1 or option 2, all admissible emergency medical care costs are covered, including those incurred in connection with COVID-19 only if it is proven that there was no reason to believe that you were infected or that you did not have any symptoms or have not been in contacted with someone presenting symptoms of the COVID-19 at the time of departure.


However, it is important to know that the pandemic can lessen medical resources availability in the visited country. The insurer cannot be held responsible for the non-availability of medical services. For all these reasons, we recommend to fully evaluate your decision to travel abroad.


Travel cancellation/interruption and repatriation

Am I covered by the travel cancellation insurance of my FMSQ insurance plan?

  • You are not covered for trip cancellation du to the coronavirus (COVID-19). You are still covered if you or your dependants are unable to travel due to an accident or an illness other than COVID-19 or because of the passing of an immediate family member.
  • You are not covered if you or one of your dependants are denied boarding whether it is for the outward or the return flight, regardless of the reason.
Also, be aware that the insurer will not bear any expense in connection with travel interruption or the costs of the purchase for a new plane ticket or the modification of a return ticket if you have to return before the expected date or if your return is delayed due to the closing of the borders or for any reason related to the COVID-19.


Since the situation is constantly evolving, we recommend that you contact us a few days before your departure to see if this information is still applicable.